Get Vitamin B12 Injections to Improve Your Energy & Health

Vitamin B12 injections help boost your normal metabolic function and overall health.  Vitamin B12 deficiency can result in blood, nerve, and mood disorders.

Vitamin B12 is involved in the metabolism of every cell of the human body to stay in balance.  It affects DNA synthesis and regulation, but also fatty acid synthesis and energy production. 

Vitamin B12 Injection Benefits, Dosage, Cost & More

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50% have a "low" or "deficient" vitamin B12 level.

Many people are vitamin B12 deficient, and they don’t even know it, the US Department of Agriculture study of 3,000 women and men showed that almost 50% had “low normal” or “deficient” vitamin B12 level.  One of the challenges with vitamin B12 intake is that it is not that easily found in food, very few foods are vitamin B12 rich and these are essentially meat and eggs. 

This leaves especially vegans to look for sources elsewhere. Furthermore, only 1.2% of the vitamin B12 in an oral supplement is actually absorbed in the intestines, hence the reason for vitamin B12 injections which are absorbed immediately into the bloodstream.

Vitamin B12 injections can combat depression and boost your mood. 

Vitamin B12 injections are highly recommended for mood boosting as well. The vitamin is essential for your central nervous system to function properly. It is well known that nervous system dysfunction can lead to depression. Many people who suffer from occasional mild depression can try a vitamin B12 injection as a mood booster.

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In addition, vitamin B12 is also a great energy boost, and injections can be given weekly since it is so safe.  The FDA has no upper limit for dosing, unlike other vitamins, which means that there is no risk of overdosing when you get a vitamin B12 injection.

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Less hunger. More energy.

Lastly, vitamin B12 increases metabolism, which can help with weight loss. With regular injections and a combination of calorie reduction, you can lose weight faster with less hunger and more energy.  

Our injections of vitamin B12 at Infinite Youth Medical Spa are 1000mcg/ml.

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