Golden Ratio

Beauty isn't always about youth – balance and proportion play key roles too! The Golden Ratio (sometimes called the phi ratio or divine proportion) is considered ideal for facial attractiveness. Like many artists through the centuries, your provider can use the Golden Ratio to reveal which of your facial features may be brought into better balance to optimize your beauty.

How does the Golden Ratio consultation work?

Katie Wigdahl, PA-C has received special training and certification on the Dr. Arthur Swift Beautiphication™ method.

Katie uses a pair of specialized calipers to measure the distance between several aspects of your facial features. She then analyzes these measurements to see how close they are to the Golden Ratio. The results will assist your provider in determining where to use dermal fillers to restore better balance to your face and profile.

How does my provider use my Golden Ratio results?

Using the guidance of the Golden Ratio optimizes your results with dermal fillers and saves you money! Many times, the face does not need more filler in one area, but instead, another feature brought into better balance. This highly customized approach ensures that you're achieving the best results possible for your unique beauty.

What is the cost of the Golden Ratio consultation?

The Golden Ratio consultation is complimentary and includes a proposed dermal filler treatment plan.

What treatments benefit from me knowing my Golden Ratio measurements?

Think of the measurements taken during your Golden Ratio consultation as a map for your provider to follow to optimize your natural beauty. Your results from almost all cosmetic injectables can be enhanced by knowing your Golden Ratio measurements.

  • Botox® Cosmetic & Dysport®
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Kybella®