Defy Future Wrinkles with Dysport

Botox / Dysport

According to a recent report by Zion Market Research, the global cosmetics and skincare products market was valued at around $532 billion US dollars in 2017 and is expected to reach approximately $863 billion in 2024. It doesn't take an economist to figure out that beauty is BIG business and that the average consumer is consistently investing in products to enhance their appearance and reverse the signs of aging skin. But, what if more of us chose to PREVENT future wrinkles instead of disguising them with makeup and treating them with lotions and potions? When started early enough, neuromodulators like Dysport® can do just that!

How do wrinkles form from facial movement over time?

Wrinkles that form due to muscular contraction are called "dynamic" wrinkles. Unlike other areas of our body, skin attaches to the underlying muscles of our faces. This attachment is essential for us to communicate with each other through facial expressions like smiling when we are happy or furrowing our brows together when we are angry. With each of these repeated expressions, the skin that lays over the muscle bunches and forms creases. When muscles become exceptionally strong or over-pronounced, we start to notice that the lines that form when muscles contract, stay there when the muscle is at rest. Repeated muscle contraction breaks down collagen and elastin in that area of skin and wrinkles form.

The most common areas of the face to see dynamic wrinkles are between the eyebrows, across the forehead, and the outer corners of the eyes. Wouldn't it be great if we could slightly weaken those muscles to prevent lines from ever forming, but still keep our facial expressions? You can with Dysport®!

How can Dysport® prevent wrinkles?

"I think the general public would be surprised at how young some of my Dysport® patients are," shares Katie McClellan PA-C, an injection specialist with over a decade of experience with cosmetic injectables. "My younger patients are exceptionally educated and savvy when it comes to wrinkle prevention because of the generation they have grown up in and their access to online information," she explains. "Instead of investing in super-expensive wrinkle creams, they're actually budgeting for treatments like Dysport® and multi-tasking sunscreens to prevent wrinkles."

Injectable treatments like Dysport® prevent future wrinkles by progressively weakening the muscles that cause them in the first place. Once injected into a line causing muscle, like the area between our eyebrows that causes furrow lines, Dysport® begins to block the signal from your brain to the nerves on that muscle telling it to contract. Results set in in about a week and last for up to four months. A degree of natural movement is maintained to ensure that expressions don't appear frozen or stifled.

"My mom always says that she wishes she had the opportunity to start Dysport® earlier in life to prevent more wrinkles," says Kayla, a 27-year-old graduate student at the University of Minnesota. "I've been using physician-grade skincare and daily SPF for as long as I can remember due to the good habits she instilled in me," she continues. "She took me to my first Dysport® appointment with Katie as a graduation gift because she wanted to make sure I took an active role in my skin's aging process. I know that may sound like a strange gift, but it has truly given me a sense of empowerment to have some control over how my skin ages."

Kayla is not alone. The number of patients under 30 who are seeking Dysport® and Botox® to prevent wrinkles has nearly doubled in the past decade. And it's no wonder! After all, the best wrinkles are the ones that never form in the first place!

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