Update Your Profile with Kybella


Is the fat under your chin causing you to appear heavier than you are? Would you like to rewind time to an age at which you had a more defined jawline and profile? Do you want to achieve results with a syringe and not a scalpel? Kybella may be your answer to diminish submental fat and recontour the lower portion of your face to a more youthful appearance!

Kybella gained FDA approval in 2015 for the treatment of submental fullness or chin fat. Since that time, it has been used successfully and safely to help thousands of patients dissolve their double chins, recontour their jawlines, and restore their confidence.

Kybella is comprised of a substance called deoxycholic acid. This acid is naturally occurring in our bodies and assists in the breakdown of fat in our intestinal tract. When injected into the fat pad underneath your chin area, deoxycholic acid dissolves the membranes which encompass fat cells in this area and causes them to release their contents. Your body perceives this as waste and recruits your lymphatic system to safely remove the dead cells over time.

Kybella is an injectable treatment and requires no surgery, scalpels, or downtime. Before your treatment begins, your injector will carefully mark the treatment area with a grid-like pattern. Most patients receive anywhere from 20-30 injections within a treatment, although some may require up to 50. The number of treatments and vials of Kybella you will need is dependent upon the amount of fat and overall volume in the chin area. Most patients require 2 to 6 sessions spaced at least one month apart.

Your Kybella results will not happen overnight. It will take time for your body to clear away the destroyed fat cells. During this time, collagen production will also be stimulated from your injections, and many patients note that not only do they see reduced fat below the chin, but also a slight tightening of the skin in that area!

Most patients begin to see results four to six weeks after their initial treatment.  These results are permanent because once fat cells are destroyed, they do not regenerate.  That being said, the fat cells that remain can still expand with weight gain. It is essential that patients stay at a stable weight to maintain their results with Kybella.

Kybella carries significantly fewer risks and side effects than surgery, however, there is still a chance for patients to experience some side effects resulting from treatment. These may include discomfort, swelling, redness, and numbness at the injection site. These symptoms should subside within two weeks or less. It is imperative that you seek an experienced and licensed injector for your Kybella treatments as there is a minor risk for more serious complications such as facial muscle weakness, an uneven smile, nerve injury to the jaw, and difficulty swallowing. In the hands of a qualified injector, these complications are infrequent.

Who is the ideal candidate for Kybella?

  • Healthy and active adults who are at or close to their ideal weight.
  • Adults with submental fullness that does not respond to diet or exercise.
  • Those who seek a non-surgical solution to treat a double chin.
  • Adults seeking to enhance the appearance of their jawline and its contours.

Curious about Kybella? Learn how this surgery-free injectable treatment can dissolve your double chin and improve your profile by scheduling a complimentary consultation with Katie McClellan PA-C!