What You Need to Know About SkinPen


There is no escaping the fact that the appearance of our skin plays a critical role in our self-confidence and overall self-esteem. Acne scarring from our teenage years can make us feel insecure when meeting new people. The fine lines and wrinkles around our eyes may make us look older than we feel. Every year, thousands of people seek solutions to correct these skin concerns, but a new, non-invasive treatment is quickly becoming the industry darling for noticeably improving your skin's overall appearance and health without the need for deep laser resurfacing or downtime!

Microneedling has taken the aesthetics and beauty world by storm over the past two years and prompted several devices to be launched onto the at-home use and professionally administered market. At first, the idea of several little needles puncturing your skin to make it smoother may be off-putting, but there is no denying that when administered correctly by a licensed professional, microneedling is clinically proven to improve your skin noticeably. One particular device has risen to the top of the microneedllng world and is now considered the gold standard in the medical aesthetics world.

To date, the SkinPen® device by Bellus Medical® is the only class II microneedling device the FDA has approved for safety and efficacy. This makes it the safest option for patients looking to improve the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, enlarged pores, and more with microneedling.

Skin conditions that benefit from SkinPen® Microneedling:

  • Acne Scarring
  • Surgical Scarring & Accidental Scarring
  • Chicken Pox Marks
  • Uneven Skin Texture & Pigmentation
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Lines Around the Mouth (Smoker's Lines)
  • Lines Around the Eyes (Crow's Feet)
  • Sagging Skin & Loss of Elasticity
  • Vertical Lines/Creases Between Breasts
  • Stretch Marks

Microneedling works by painlessly creating hundreds of microscopic channels into the surface of your skin. In response, your skin responds as if it is healing from a controlled injury and starts to produce collagen and elastin. These are the components of your skin that keep it firm, smooth, resilient, and youthful-looking.

When the skin suffers from acne, collagen and elastin can be damaged and lead to scarring. They both also naturally decrease as we age and can be further damaged by sun exposure and other lifestyle factors. By stimulating your collagen and elastin production, SkinPen® makes skin thicker, smoother, tighter, and younger-looking!